Automated call centre software that improves your sales success rate

Grow your call centre to its maximum potential with our automated software, in-depth reports and performance analytics.

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Take The Hard Work Out Of Making Sales

Predictive Dialling

Our predictive dialling algorithm knows how to automatically adjust to your call flow. You can set the speed at which phone calls are made and ensure that you’re making just the right amount of calls.

CRM Integration

Integrate your dialler with your existing CRM to manage customer relations and refine your sales process.

Indepth Reporting

Every call made on our diallers is recorded, processed and then made available to you through convenient reporting dashboards. This helps you understand just how your agents are performing and commit to solutions to improve it.

A Perfect Blend Of Automation And Analytics

Automated calling is about more than just call volume. Our software includes powerful analytics that track agent performance and customer experience, so you can make the most of your team’s capabilities.

Gain Insight Into Your Call Centre With Reports And Analytics

Manage your team’s performance with reports and analytics. See who is performing well, who needs help, and what you can do to boost their performance in the future. The perfect way to make sure your team is hitting the mark.

Increase Your Agents' Performance With Predictive Dialling.

By predicting when to transfer the call, agents are able to focus on the most important calls first and increase their overall effectiveness.

Streamlined CRM integration

Analyticall allows you to integrate your existing CRM system with ease. Harness customer information and manage your sales data from inside our portal.

Get Started

1. Setup

Our technicians will setup the server for you.

2. Training

We will give your call centre staff training on how to use the software.

3. Start Taking Calls

Your call centre will be up and running within a day, watch your sales rate rise.

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