Redefining your customers call centre experience

Use real data from real interactions to enhance your client's experience 

Transform call centre interactions

Use real data from real interactions to enhance your clients experiences

AnalytiCall is your master key to decoding the complex language of customer interactions. deploying unrivalled levels of development experience to glean insights from a huge database of customer interactions, AnalytiCall revolutionises your company’s approach to human-centred data.

How it works

  • Gather data

    Inbound calls are connected to the operators and our state of the art system.

  • Analysis interactions

    The client's tone and key topic are analysed in real-time to provide feedback to the operator

  • Report and improve

    Data is gathered and learned from to produce reports for future improvements.

“By capturing the inner value of interactions, AnalytiCall unlocks the power of conversation.”

Get The Best Results

Why choose AnalytiCall

Smart Interactions

AnalytiCall is the customer interaction leader for call centres of all sizes. AnalytiCall leverages IBM AI Watson technology to reveal what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve every engagement in real time. AnalytiCall interprets and reports on the emotions of your customer and operating agent. Inbuilt sentiment analysis with complex data interpretation enables unrivalled reporting coupled with relationship management support.

Seemless Integration

Our development team made AnalytiCall fast and easy to integrate into all businesses. Easy access to all existing data guarantees rapid setup, seamless integration, and an effortless transition. Our Agent Portal drives productivity, producing immediate results with next to no training investment. The Administration Portal’s real-time view into the engine room monitors every aspect of your operational team in detail.

Assured Call Handling

Our extensive first-in-class call handling tracks, parks and reroutes calls, performs conference calls, offers Interactive Voice Response and much more – with the added ability to set your team up anywhere. You’ll have the confidence to ensure every customer interaction is optimal.

Single Interface

A customer traditionally reaches seven ‘touch points’ before purchase – so make every engagement count. Our integrated approach provides a personalised touch to every interaction. Whether it’s their most recent or most frequent purchase, the knowledge is at your fingertips. Know what your customer is searching for, and predict what they don’t yet know they need. AnalytiCall features enhance every interaction while strengthening relationships.

Real-Time Reporting

We deliver key insights live to your intuitive dashboard. Add personal KPIs to measure and optimise performance in minutes. The streamlined visual display reduces data consumption time from hours to seconds. Advanced call sampling reports analyse calls in real time, driving productivity. Leveraging these analytics allows your team leaders to instantly assess individual and group performance and act immediately.

Full Customisation

We know your needs are unique – which is why we’re relied upon to provide flexible working solutions. Our applications and special features are designed to meet your individual business needs, with our scalable modular system easily integrated into your existing systems. Rapid adaptation is crucial for every successful business – so you only pay for the features you need.

"We engaged Kieran from Commsphere and AnalytiCall to assist us with our telephone services and related IT. Kieran put together a market leading, bespoke telephone package, which is saving us thousands of dollars. As part of the process, we engaged them to establish a dialer capable of handling our 100 staff and integrate it with our existing CRM. Kieran and John not only listened to our needs, but were also very professional and pro-active.  Despite a couple of curve balls being thrown at them from our CRM, The guys delivered on their promise, providing us with a fully integrated system and all necessary hardware in better than quick time. This has been followed up with great support and training as required. Our team have been able to adopt the new system with little fallout or disruption and are now finding much better productivity and customer response. The greatest benefit working with Commsphere and AnalytiCall is that we now have a solution tailored to our very specific needs and can continue developing improvements. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the team again, and will continue using them for further projects as we continue to streamline our processes."

Superannuation Advice Australia

"With the ever-expanding nature of our company, we have engaged Analyticall to help automate our processes and upgrade our auto dialler. The team successfully assisted with the implementation of Analyticall throughout our office. This included one-on-one training, tailor-made user manuals as well as a company specific instruction video. We are very happy with the service and the ongoing support. JT and the team are very personable and approachable and are always happy to help"

Employment Services Management

"We have been using Analyticall for a number of years. John and the team are very proactive and always update us on new features to get the best out of the dialler. We use Analyticall and JTIT for all our our IT needs and find John and his team are extremely knowledgeable and professional in their approach. They understand that time is money and responsive and quick to resolve any issues we have had with the dialler and any of our IT needs. We have found that since incorporating Analyticall our productivity has increased and are receiving a massive return on our investment in to the dialler. We are very happy with the service we receive and I would not hesitate to recommend Analyticall to anyone as a genuine company that cares for its clients"

Sovereign Solar


Innovative New Tool

Customer Sentiment Detection Feature

Call centre interactions can often frustrate customers. Capitalising on real-time customer feedback will empower your team to succeed.

To get the most out of every interaction by listening, connecting and collaborating. AnalytiCall enables thorough and immediate analysis of each inbound call to identify areas of concern while analysing every customer’s voice for sentiment, key topics and tonality. With the power to analyse tone and key topics in real-time, operators can adjust and realign the conversation to sustain a positive experience with staff – while increasing your conversion rate.

Powerful Insights

What Can AnalytiCall do

Call Handling

Transfers/3 Way Calls
Call Tracking
Call Blind Monitor/Barge
Call Parking – Music on Hold
Call Routing
Work from anywhere

Call Insights

AI Powered
Call Recording
Call Transcription
Call Sentiment



Powerful Integration

Connect with your customer relationship management system, or with apps like Zapier


Single Interface

Admin Portal
Agent Portal





Get customised dashboard and complex data analysis 




AnalytiCall’s expert team have decades of combined call centre experience

Analyticall is a devoted team of contact centre professionals and full stack developers, who have decades of experience in helping organisations interact with their customers over the phone more profitably. AnalytiCall is an Australian based company which understands the relationship between technology and productivity. We have a philosophy of leveraging known and emerging technologies to increase productivity and profitability.



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